STUDIOGEE ArchitectureProfessional Work

Being part of the STUDIOGEE Architectural design team has given me the opportunity to design for Whole Foods Market in many places around the United States. Watching each grocery store start as a crude sketch and developing it into a thriving store has taught me valuable lessons about working with a nationally known client, its own design teams and building contractors. The end product of all the work put in by all parties involved always gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment with the work we do for Whole Foods Market.

STUDIOIGEE Architecture also likes participating in various design competitions. They help keep our minds fresh with new ideas and allow a way to try out innovative design studies.

Professional Work, Rendering, Illustration, Design Development
2011 – 2013
Intern Architect, Architectural Illustrator

Whole Foods Market: Exterior Study

Whole Foods Market: Interior Study

Whole Foods Market: Exterior Study

Egyptian Residence: Kitchen Interior Study

Competition: Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge